Listed below are all services offered by the hospital.

We perform human diagnostic laboratory tests ensuring accuracy and reliability of the results through proficiency testing, External and internal quality controls, highly qualified staff with up-to-date knowledge supported by continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Blood pressure measurements, monitoring and treatment for diabetic patients. Travel and legal examinations are done routinely by qualified and experienced medical officers. We have equipment’s that give us capacity to provide the most reliable routine health checkup.

We have 24-hours and 7 days’ coverage by medical officers offering timely and effective consultations. We have specialized clinics in General medicine, Gynecology and obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Psychiatric, Dental and surgical specialties.

We operate an upscale maternity department where we offer normal delivery and caesarean deliveries to all our mothers. Our maternity unit has 10 bed capacity, two labor wards and major and minor theatres.

We have a full time open radiology unit where we perform Ultrasound and X-ray examination for routine diagnostic purposes. With state of art equipment, we ensure accuracy and reliability in our radiological examinations. We have a qualified full time medical radiographer.

We operate an in-patient department with General medical (male and female), pediatric and maternity/gynecological ward.

We operate a fully stocked dispensary, with variety of efficacious drugs, sundries and other medical supplies.

We have a fully equipped major theatre to handle emergencies and major elective surgical procedures safely.

This is routinely offered by midwives and working together with doctors to ensure a safe pregnancy. We perform all ANC tests and manage all pregnancy related complications.

Hepatitis B screening and Vaccination, cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination.

We provide Diagnosis, Treatment, and Compassionate care for Acute, Chronic and rare Diseases and have Specialized clinics for Hypertension, Diabetes.

We have a Center tailored for Women, Mothers and Newborns. This consists of Genitourinary services, Antenatal Care clinics, Neonatal Care, and Theaters.

Provides a friendly and fun environment for your children to receive treatment with a caring and compassionate team of doctors and nurses to attend to them.

We have expert Surgeons working with the latest Equipment in Surgical Technology and are pioneers in Laparoscopic surgery.

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